My Angel Sight

Distracted driver tracking technology that helps build safer roads.

Reward Safe Driving

As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 18% of injury related car wrecks and 10% of fatal car wrecks are a result of distracted driving. With our technology, we use reward based motivation to keep drivers focused to get to their destionation alive.

Insurance companies use our technology to provide safe drivers with lower insurance rates and with bonus reward points on their credit card. If a driver scores above a certain score on a given month, they will recieve a text message letting them know to expect a bonus on their card. The technology on our system is based on a Convolutional Neural Network generated by OpenCV. We then process that data and use Google Cloud Functions to contact TSYS to update your credit card rewards. Our software is currently in beta. To be considered to join our testing program, use the form below to contact us. To see more about how our project works on a technical standpoint, check out our Github.